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1. How do I start my journey with Stratazon?
Its very simple. Speak to our relationship manager and understand the technicalities of our strategies. You can park your capital in your DMAT and we can start trading in your account through our Algos.

2. What is the minimum ticket size to start the trading?
We have a combination of almost 10 strategies in our Chanakya Integrated strategy. Its combined pack requires 25Lacs minimum investment to start. Multiples of 25Lacs can be added later.

3. Is there any daily task for the me as a trader?
Not much. Almost negligible.

4. What about the max Risk?
Your max risk is already defined.

If we hit such a drawdown, we will stop trading and go back to the board room for investigation.



5. Are your strategies back tested for historic data?
100% yes. All our strategies are back tested over period of 50 months to 100 months based on the kind of assets being traded.

6. Historic results are not proof of future results right?
We agree. Hence, we assume 50% more danger in the real time scenario and run our models through a smart risk adjusted algo.

7. What portion of your strategies are fully automated?
Everything including Entry, Stop Loss, Exit & TSL are 100% automated.

8. Will Stratazon bear any losses?
No. The reports are 100% genuine. You may make a choice based on your risk appetite.

9. What about your fees?
We charged 1% of the capital deployed per month as our strategy fee. Our clients make an average of 30% to 40% per annum.

10. Which brokers do u support?
We support most of the discount brokers. We are slowly integrating with all the top 10 brokers in India.

11. How do I track the performance of the strategy?
You can track the performance in your Backoffice & we will update the website also suitably. We will publish monthly reports to your inbox. Also, we will conduct a quarterly review meeting with all the investors over a zoom call. You can always visit our office in Bangalore too for a discussion.

12. Your backtest report says that it can deliver 6% average returns per month over the period of 5 years?
Yes. It also comes with appropriate drawdowns along the way. If you can face those risks, the reward will eventually come.

13. Do you have a trial of your service?

14. Can I choose the broker of my choice?
You can choose any broker who is integrated with us.

15. Who will help me with the registration process?
Fill our contact form. Our associate will reach you soon.
You can also email to our relationship manager

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